True Colors Gallery

"True Colors": A series by Becky Cochrane installed at Té House of Tea, Houston, Texas, February 2010

Artist's Statement: After thirteen years of painting on small canvases for my "One Word Art" series, I wasn't comfortable with larger canvases. Then another artist suggested that I mentally break down larger space into the smaller sections I was accustomed to painting. Although I’m not sure she meant for me to do it literally, I found that I enjoyed linking seemingly disparate paintings on one surface.

On each of the 18x24-inch canvases in the “True Colors” series, one 4x6-inch section is a solid color that gives the painting its name. Though the other seventeen sections are different, they're connected by repeated colors and patterns. In this way, the paintings remind me of human diversity: We're different, but we're all connected.

I chose the name “True Colors” because I believe those of us living during the decades beginning in the 1980s will be judged by posterity not for our technology, our wealth, our art, or our governments. We will be judged by how we responded to first sufferers and fatalities in the AIDS epidemic: those people marginalized by poverty, color, and sexual orientation. It’s through either the manifestation or absence of our compassion that we show our true colors.

We are different, but we are all connected.

The paintings are all acrylic on stretched canvases, 18 x 24 inches.


Turquoise, 2010

Yellow, 2009

Pink, 2010
A portion of the sale of this painting will go to the Jennifer Lyon Breast Cancer Fund, part of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.

Green, 2009


Indigo, 2010

Gold, 2010

Black, 2009

Lavender, 2010

Blue, 2009

Brown, 2010

White, 2010

Orange, 2010

Gray, 2010

Red, 2009

Kiwi, 2010

Purple, 2009

Bluegrass, 2010

Not available:

Copper, 2010
Artist's Private Collection

HIV/AIDS assistance organizations that I support include:

Bering Omega Community Services

Thomas Street Health Center

PAWS Houston

Gay Men's Health Crisis


AIDS Foundation Houston

The NAMES Project