Bottle Caps and Friends Series

This is a series in progress. More paintings will be added as they are finished. Please email becky(at)beckycochrane(dot)com to inquire about reserving a painting. All the paintings are mixed media on 8x10-inch stretched canvas.

No. 7: Aries Friendships Are Built Tough, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

No. 16: Best Friends Are Rock Stars, $75

No. 13: The Enchantment of Friendship, $75

No. 8: All The Saints and Sinners Flow to New Orleans, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

No. 4: Alan Tart and Sweet, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

No. 23: Friends Missing: Somewhere Out There, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

No. 24: The Sea Speaks in Code, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

No. 5: Hanley Has More Bounce to the Ounce, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

No. 9: Princess Patti Has the Moon in Her Eyes, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

No. 6: Rhonda and Meesh Hang Out at the 10-2-4 Club, SOLD

No. 11: The Kids Are All Right, SOLD

No. 1: Tim Has Moxie, SOLD

No. 2: Lindsey: Refreshingly Different, SOLD

No. 3: Tom Is The Real Thing, SOLD

No. 12: Chris and John are Exceptional and Balanced, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

No. 14: Kathy L Will Spriten Up Your Life, SOLD

No. 19: Debby Says the Middle Child Is So Misunderstood, SOLD

No. 15: Steve V's Garden of Peace and Healing, NO LONGER AVAILABLE

No. 17: Best Friends Care About the Planet (For Robin, Marla, and Don), NO LONGER AVAILABLE

No. 18: James Talks to Trees (and They Talk Back), SOLD

No. 20: Jim's World: Vanilla and Blue, SOLD

No. 21: The Week We Said Goodbye to Aaron, NOT FOR SALE

No. 22: Their Tears Are Flowers, NOT FOR SALE

No. 10: Friends Before And After, NOT FOR SALE